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Going Underground

In 1863 the world's very first underground line was opened to passengers travelling from Paddington to Farringdon in London. digital:works have worked with two primary schools, one near Paddington and another near Farringdon to chart the 150 year history of the London Underground from that first passenger journey to today. This project puts the workers and ex-workers on the London Underground at the forefront of this history.

The children have worked with Westminster City Archives, Camden Local Studies and Archive Centre and the London Transport Museum to study the history of that period and then conduct oral history filmed interviews with retired and current workers on the tube and passengers. They have also done some creative writing for a booklet and exhibition.

A documentary film based on these oral history interviews was launched at the London Transport Museum on Friday July 19th 2013. The film will also form part of an exhibition which, along with the children's writing, will be shown at libraries and archives around London as well as in schools. This website hosts the young people's work including some full interviews they have undertaken, their final edited film and their writing, both historical and creative. There is also a blog which follows the progress of the project.

Track Workers

All archive photos are copyright Transport for London, from the London Transport Museum collection


Watch the film "Going Underground: Tales from the Tube" online here now.